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  Strength in diversity
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Thank you for building strength in diversity for City Council District One!  

Please help us continue to 
grow this grassroots movement with your contribution.

Andrew Bucknall is an Austin native:

Lived in District One for the last 16 years
Chairman, Urban Renewal Board
Chairman, Urban Transportation Commission
served on the Affordable Housing Commission 

Andrew Bucknall is supported by
 area leaders including Dr. Exalton Delco, Dr. Darwin Mckee, Clara Walker, Evan Taniguchi, Scottie Ivory Buddy Ruiz, Johnny Limon, Elizabeth Yvetch and Coach Howard Ware.  This campaign celebrates strength in diversity!

"I want to be your representative because I love this city and I believe collectively we can save what makes Austin special as we continue to grow.  I believe that Austin is at its best when we build community coalitions based on strength in diversity."
- Andrew Bucknall
 action areas:
  • Promote household affordability
  • Honor neighborhood plans and promote cultural / historical preservation
  • Develop  a safe, connected regional transportation system for cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and  public transit
  • Preserve water/environmental quality across the region
  • Increase safety through community based policing  

With the newly created single member districts we have a historic opportunity to choose our representative. This is a welcome change from our past "Gentleman's Agreement". 

Picture from 2005 Daily Texan report, Andrew Bucknall Campaign for City Council.

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