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Although I have many years of professional expereince working in mental health, life coaching is very different than counseling.  As your life coach I will help you develop a life plan through  a reaffirming, rewarding and beneficial process.  We can meet and work together to identify your true north star; those guiding principles that drive all of the decisions you make.  Through a guided process we will identify and build strengths with a future focus.  This process is more than just developing a life plan this is experiential learning process for transformation.  Together we can start down the path of your plan that can continue to grow with your success as you move into your bright future!!

This plan process will help you establish, prioritize and focus on goals by identifying and building strengths already in your life.  You are an amazing person and you have learned through your life that you have so much potential.  In life we also experience barriers that have come from others or changing life circumstances.  This process will help you learn alternative ways to plan for the future and make decisions from a 360 degree perspective.  As a life coach I will be your guide to help you discover a new way to overcome the hurdles life throws at you.  During sessions of an hour we can focus on areas including:

Establishing deep and meaningful relationships
Pursuing educational goals
Professional development
Improving financial conditions
Health goals

If you are getting out of debt, losing weight, learning a new skill or improving relationships the skills you gain from life coaching can help you approach your life from a place of strength that wells from within you!! 

Please take that first step of recommitment to yourself and call me if you have any questions or would like to set an appointment.

Life coaching hourly rates are $30.00

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